Taste, Tenderness & Consistency

In striving to create better beef, one of our first steps was figuring out how to solve what we consider a primary issue with most conventional beef on the market: the lack of consistency in taste and tenderness. As steak lovers, we were disappointed in the steaks we purchased, irrespective of the
price we paid. An in-depth study of the cattle breeding, rearing and feeding process taught us that the common inconsistencies in most beef can be attributed to the fact that the majority of beef processors who supply restaurants and grocery stores do not control the genetics, feed or environment of the cattle they purchase.

At Longdale Farm, our solution is to raise all of our cattle on an identical program. Unlike typical beef cattle operations, we make all of the breeding and feeding decisions, and own and trace the calf from birth to harvest. We carefully select the best registered Angus bulls, known for their great taste and tenderness, to sire Longdale Farm calves. Of course, breeding is just the starting point; what we ultimately wanted to achieve was consistently superb taste and tenderness.

Every calf is grown in the same environment and eats the same nutritionally complete diet. Dave Long spent over 10 years developing a patented, proprietary diet consisting of only grain, vegetables and vitamins, which, along with unlimited access to hay, meets all the cattle’s nutritional needs. This special feed produces steaks and burgers that have a big taste and a tender, juicy texture. What we never feed our cattle is any artificial feed, animal by-products or additives.

We do not, and will not, use added hormones or other growth promoters. Aside from the questionable health aspect of added hormones for both the cattle and the consumer, hormones make tough meat.

Each decision at Longdale Farm is made thoughtfully and intentionally to deliver the most consistently delicious, tender and tasty beef on the planet. We do things differently, and the result is evident in each and every bite.